For Those in Ministry

A Year’s Worth of Church Bulletin Boards

One pet peeve of mine is seeing a bulletin board with old information on it. It’s so simple to at least just take down the old information. I’ve entered church foyers and laid my eyes on bulletin boards that had not been changed in years. Ripped borders and faded paper caught my attention the most. If… Continue reading A Year’s Worth of Church Bulletin Boards

My Spiritual Walk · Pray About It

A Journey Towards Joy

This Christmas, we received so many cards that pronounced, “Joy is Coming!” This was so relevant to me because I have been on a quest to find my joy. The past few years at our church has been rather difficult. We’ve had so much sickness and other issues, it has been hard to stay upbeat,… Continue reading A Journey Towards Joy

Raised in a Barn

Paula & Curtis Griffin

Nothing like a 50th wedding anniversary to boost your heritage. We were privileged to attend this celebration last weekend. Paula is Michael’s sister. She and her husband are a wonderful Christian couple and serve others above and beyond the call of duty! 🙂 We are grateful for their wonderful example. P.S. I am anxious to… Continue reading Paula & Curtis Griffin