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Trouble Sleeping? Try Sweet Dreams Lotion

Lately, I have had such a time sleeping at night. I’m not sure if it is the pain or just my worries running through my mind. I have spent entire nights tossing and turning only to be so tired the next day that I can barely function. So I was excited to see Sarah’s recipe for sweet dreams. I ordered… Continue reading Trouble Sleeping? Try Sweet Dreams Lotion

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Sales Tax Hidden Advantage

Did you know that many states have tax free days for purchasing school supplies? This is not just for things like pencils and notebooks, but also jeans, graphics calculators and computers. And here’s the hidden advantage … You don’t have to buy these things for school. Even we folks with no kids in school can… Continue reading Sales Tax Hidden Advantage

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How to Create an Atmosphere of Love

How can we bring unity to our marriage? our families? or nation? to the world? We cannot have unity without love. And, sadly, few of us truly know how to love one another. I searched the scriptures for these “above all, have love” commandments. I found these scriptures surrounded by instructions on how to create an atmosphere… Continue reading How to Create an Atmosphere of Love