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Fighting to Believe in Who I Am

Good, Good Father At the IF:Gathering 2016, we sang Chris Tomlin’s Good, Good Father. I had never heard the song before. I liked it. It seemed a good way to start. By the end, it was personal. You see … I have always struggled with who I am. My name means worthy of love, but I… Continue reading Fighting to Believe in Who I Am

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A Different Kind of Easter

Easter, for me, has always been a great day of celebration. A day of basking in the joy of the resurrection. But this year, it was different. You see, life has changed a lot for our family recently. Easter 2015, my husband was pastoring a church as he had been for nearly 40 years. Our children… Continue reading A Different Kind of Easter

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Finding A Priceless Love

God’s Love: PRICELESS Psalm 36:7 “How priceless is your unfailing love, O God. People take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.“ As I read this chapter, I was reminded of the Master card commercial that I have posted above. The ad says to me, “It’s not the purchases that are valuable but the response… Continue reading Finding A Priceless Love

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George Muller on Meditation

George Muller is best known for his praying in faith, but he was also diligent to meditate on God’s Word. In one of his journal entries he noted: It often astonished me that I did not see the importance of meditation upon Scripture earlier in my Christian life. As the outward man is not fit… Continue reading George Muller on Meditation

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Is There Hope for a Nation

I often wonder if our nation has arrived at the point where God has decided to leave to our own devices. We have wandered so far from God as a nation. Is there really any hope for us?

I came across this writing from a year ago. It was a good reminder to me to not lose hope.

May your Independence Day be full of Hope. Happy 240th America!