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Book Review: Praying Psalm 91

31 Days of Praying Psalm 91

book coverWow!  I just finished Susan Chamberlain Shipe’s new book 31 Days of Praying Psalm 91. She sent it to me to review so I began reading it but I wasn’t too far into it before I decided I should be praying the book over my family. And so I did just that. I read/prayed it daily over my family, my children, my nieces, and nephews.

Now, I have read Psalm 91 many times but this time it was eye opening. Enlightening my study and my prayers as I read each day. There is nothing elaborate about the book, just simple daily thoughts that became new to me as I read them.

My favorite was Day 23-Safety.

“..lest you dash your foot against a stone” Ps 91:12b

The reminder that God’s safety is there for us. His angels are watching over us to keep us safe. And at times we need to be aware of the spirit so that we can pray those angels around our loved ones. This devotion reminded me of many times when someone had prayed and God protected.

Again, the book is simple, nothing fancy.

Just simple thoughts for each day… only a page or two but so uplifting.

I suggest you pick one up and find out for yourself.

Mandy Farmer






Read more of Susan’s inspiration at her facebook page or her blog, Hope Heart, Home

Oh, check out her printables for Psalm 91 on her blog as well!

Susan has written 12 books. I have read four. How many have you read?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this review! Psalm 91 is my favourite Psalm of all and I enjoy visiting Susan’s blog so I will have to check out this book!

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