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Total Eclipse of the Sun

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Photo Credit: Van Carlos Fr @Pixabay

Not long ago, we experienced a total eclipse of the sun in the U.S. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had an eclipse, so there was a lot of excitement. Here in Savannah, we were to have a 97% total eclipse. It turned out to be an overcast day; therefore, we really didn’t get to see much. But the news people on TV were doing their best to share the experience over in South Carolina. So we watched the eclipse in the comfort of our living room.

It was quite surprising to me. I was expecting the sky to grow slowly darker just as it does each evening, but this was not so. The sun’s brightness stayed strong enough to keep our world lit up and warm until that moment when it was totally eclipsed.

Suddenly, the sky turned dark, The birds and insects stopped their singing, the crickets and frogs began to chatter. The temperature dropped nearly 20 degrees. THe reporter spoke of an eery feeling about it all.

Eclipses Recorded in the Bible

This wasn’t the first time this has happened, as a matter of fact, it’s recorded several times in the Bible. The most significant eclipse of the sun happened on the day Jesus was crucified. Just imagine how it must have been. They did not have weathermen telling them it was going to happen. They didn’t have their eclipse glasses or their cereal box with a pinhole ready to watch the moon cover the sun.

Photo credit: Gerd Altmann @pixabay

No, they were completely taken by surprise that day. Right there in the midst of their riotous behavior, their mock trial, and cruel crucifixion, the sky suddenly went dark. And a quiet eeriness fell across that hill. No wonder some were convicted of their sin right there on that hilltop. It’s no surprise that people were in awe and proclaimed “This is the Son of God”. 

Total Eclipse of the Son

Then my thoughts went in a different direction. I thought how at times we can feel as though we are suddenly in the dark. We can have a total eclipse of the S-O-N. God seems to be absent or at least silent. We don’t feel the warmth of His Light on our soul. It seems dark and cold and lonely.

But God IS still there. You may not feel His presence but He is still there working on our behalf. Trials and troubles may block the view, but God has not moved away. If you look closely, at times you will see a small flare of His Promises. In just a few moments His Light will shine on us and we will feel His presence once again.

Are you experiencing a Total Eclipse of the SON?

I want to encourage you today, if you are experiencing a total eclipse of the SON, hang on. God is there. His promises are true. And though it seems like an eternity, His light will shine on you again in just a few moments.

Remember, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Yes! Joy comes in the morning!

signed Mandy





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  1. Amen! Even in the darkness, His light still shines, and I will see it again. Thank you for this confirmation of what I was praying this morning with a dear friend!

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