Have Questions About Fibromyalgia?

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Do You Have Questions About Fibromyalgia?

Do you wonder if it is real or just something made up?

What are they talking about when they say, “I don’t have enough spoons”?

Why can’t you come out to the parties anymore?



I know that I had a lot of questions until recently…

I had friends with this invisible syndrome and I had questions about fibromyalgia such as .. how bad is your pain, really? Were they making it up? Was the pain all that bad? Until the day I found myself flat on my bad in excruciating pain that moved around my body like those little gophers in the Wack’em game at the arcade. Pain popping up here; then there; then everywhere!

I started writing about my Fibromyalgia pain here on my blog. But I knew there were questions that I wasn’t answering or even knew how to answer. So I decided to set up a forum of sorts to get all your questions answered.

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Do you have Fibromyalgia? I can use your help. Keep reading,


Now is Your Chance to Learn More!

Now is your chance get your questions answered about this invisible, debilitating disease that has only recently even been accepted and understood by doctors. I am putting together a team of “FIbro Warriors” to help answer your questions. Twice a week we will present a new question and the Fibro Warriors will share their experiences with you.

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Join the Facebook Page “Fibromyalgia ~ Is It For Real?” now. Don’t miss a thing. Then share it with your friends. If you have a question, you may submit your question once you have joined the group. We’ll try to get to your question.

Some Questions we are getting ready to schedule.

  1. What is Fibromyalgia?
  2. How is the pain triggered?
  3. What makes this pain different from other pain?
  4. How Is It Diagnosed?
  5. How Does it Affect Your Daily Life?
  6. Is there a Cure?
  7. Is It Terminal?
  8. isn’t it all just “IN YOUR HEAD”?
  9. and much more

The first question will be posted on August 31, 2017


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Thanks for dropping by! I hope to see you at the Q & A Event!

signed Mandy



Contact me if you wish to be a contributor in this event to answer questions about fibromyalgia! FIll out this form and tell me why you wish to be a contributor and/or suggest a question you can answer. Thanks.

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  1. Don’t I know it! I manage it pretty well, but this summer I have really had a lot of fatigue. If you want to follow the event, Go to my facebook page “Fibromyalgia Is It For Real” and follow us there. Please share that page with your friends, we’re trying to get the word out! Thanks!

    Also, if you like to sign up for my Chronic Pain newsletter to be notified when things are happening, please do so.

  2. My sister has had fiber since we were 17. Thankfully she has been able to mostly manage it with diet and exercise, but it definitely is not made up!

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