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Countdown to Christmas Programs

Christmas Program
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By now you have received all those packets in the mail filled with Christmas musicals. And you are completely overwhelmed.

I don’t know the times I have said to myself, “I love this play, but there is no way our kids can pull this off.”

  • There’s not enough talent.
  • Not enough funds.
  • Not enough time!

And here we are less than 5 months away from the date on the calendar that your pastor penciled in your children’s Christmas program.

So I’m offering you an alternative. Write your own Christmas program designed just for the children in your church.

Now, wait a minute, Don’t get all flustered.

I believe you can do this. After all, how many times have you thought to yourself… “I could have written this program and saved a bunch of money.”

So, here is my thought …

I’ll take your hand and walk you through the process by sending you one assignment every week through the next five weeks.

By September, you will have a sweet little custom program all ready to present to the children’s department. And it will feature all the talent of your kids!

In December, you will have parents saying, “This is the best children’s program I have ever seen!” I have seen it happen many times.

I Can Help

I’m no longer able to work with the children, but why should my 25 years of children’s ministry experience go to waste? I have written several plays in just this way. I know you can do it too! Let me help you.

And here’s the real kicker … This is my first e-course, so I am going to give it free for a little reverse coaching and critiquing from you.

Everyone wins. I help you write your first play. You tell me how to make this course even better.

Do we have a deal? Are you ready to sign up?

[Yes! I Want Your Help to Write a Christmas Program]


Maybe you just aren’t ready to take the leap this year. You would kinda like to try but just don’t have much confidence.

Now I really believe you could do this. After all, I did it. You could try it and in the end, you can purchase a one hour consult if you need more help. Don’t you want to give it a try?

You could try it and in the end, you can purchase a one hour consult if you need more help. Don’t you want to give it a try? And remember, this year it’s free. Come next year, you will have to pay for the e-course.

[Just click RIGHT HERE and give it a go.]

Want to just buy something I wrote?

“Why don’t you just send me those plays that you have already written. Can’t I just use those?”, you may ask.

Well, I could sell them to you.

As I said they were written for a specific group of children. You will have to do some adjusting to fit your group of children. But you could certainly give it a try.

I don’t have all of them ready for public use but I can offer you a couple of choices.


I think the original name was Christmas Memories but the title has morphed over the years. Christmas at Grannies included all of our children from 0 to 18. There is room to combine some of the scripture reading and maybe the children’s speaking parts also.

The basis of this play was that all the grandchildren were coming to Grannies to help decorate for Christmas. As they go through the boxes, they remember different songs and performances they did at church.

You might have to change some of the songs to fit your needs but this was a fun play that everyone enjoyed.

What God Wants for Christmas $5.95

This Christmas program is based on an advent devotional I purchased a few years back. It is somewhat like the Resurrection Eggs that tell the Easter Story only this is 7 gifts that tell the Christmas Story. Each gift has a character of the Nativity inside. As you open each gift, you will build the Nativity. I have done this one in two different ways which are both included in this packet. One using a large nativity display. Another time we had a live nativity using the children.

Just a Note, you will have to purchase the advent kit to acquire the devotional story. The cost is under $20. You will find a link in the packet.

Click on the red BUY NOW button above for the Christmas program you would like and it will take you to PayPal to make your payment then you will receive instructions to download the file.

I’m excited to help you with your program. See you Soon!

signed Mandy

4 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas Programs

  1. I remember all the years I served in Children’s ministry and how most years we were pretty stressed. It’s always best to start early and July is the perfect time. Thank you for sharing.

  2. THanks for passing it on, Karilee! I imagine it’s not the first thing new churches think about. But I can help them put together something inexpessive and simple.
    Thanks Again!

  3. Wow… clearly I am not in charge of our children’s ministry because I had to double check the published date on this post! LOL! We are not a ‘normal’ church and we are only two years old so our kid’s ministry hasn’t attempted anything like this –but I will forward this blog on to our kid’s culture pastors!

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