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Blessings : Five Minute Fridays

What image first comes to your mind at the word “blessings”?

FMF Blessing

Do you think of


financial gain


But let me ask you, where does that leave the one with no husband, no children, bad health, or no bank account?


This thought became real to me …

when I lost my health, and then my husband lost his job, and subsequently our home. Are we no longer blessed? Or is this when the true blessings became a realization?

Early on in my journey with chronic pain, my son introduced me to Laura Story and her song, Blessings? She proposed through song that the blessings were not the tangible things but the divine things. I venture to believe that she is right.

In our pain and loss, we actually found the TRUE BLESSINGS of God.

We found His PEACE that passes all understanding,

we found His PROVIDENCE for our every need,

we found His GRACE to walk through the valley, and so much more.

The greatest thing…

… I found was a deep, DEEP RELATIONSHIP with the God of the Ages.

I found His LOVE for me so sweet.

His tender FORGIVENESS for leaving Him behind in the dust as I “ministered to others in His Name”. You see, I really wasn’t doing it all in His Name.

I wasn’t leaning on Him FOR GUIDANCE and DIRECTION. I had taken hold of the reigns and was running the show myself.

But, oh the JOY, I found in being still before Him.

(In my case, literally still. I couldn’t move without excruciating pain.)

I found HIS WORD so fulfilling.

What an amazing God we have. And so many do not even see it.

And so many do not even see it.

Do YOU see it?

Count Those Blessings!

signed Mandy






Here’s an old hymn we seldom sing anymore. Even then it was only sung at Thanksgiving. But truly it is a song for lifting one another up. See if you don’t agree.

Count Your Blessings by Guy Penrod


9 thoughts on “Blessings : Five Minute Fridays

  1. I love the song “Count Your Blessings” and we used to sing it a lot when I was growing up. There are blessings to be found all through our lives. Sometimes the hardest struggles help us see God more clearly. We lean on him and find peace.

    Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor this week at #InspireMeMonday!

  2. Exactly GG. There are blessings all around no matter where we are in life or what we are experiencing.

  3. Amen! He has been showing me many of those same Blessings as I journey through Chronic Illness. Stilling in His Presence brings such a deep love. You are in my prayers dear Fellow Traveler!

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