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Book Review: 52 Commands of Jesus For Children

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I received 52 Commands of Jesus in exchange for my honest and open review. This review comes from the viewpoint of a mom, grandmother, and a Children’s Ministry director of 25 years.

52 Commands of Jesus for Children

“52 Commands” is a one-year family devotional based on the words of Jesus. Each week offers a study of one command from Christ along with a coinciding character quality. Each lesson has a coloring picture. The pictures are all available on Susan’s website for download.

Where was this 15 years ago

My first impression of the book was “Where was this ten years ago when I was raising my children?” I looked long and hard for devotionals to have with my children and never really found what I was looking for. Susan offers a simple layout taking one scripture and giving a bit of explanation and pointing you in a direction for discussion. Then she offers a character quality to complement the discussion. She leaves the details to you so that you have room to inject your own beliefs into the lesson.

This layout and plan offer a great jumping off place at the beginning of the week. Parents could then challenge and help children work on that particular character quality all week long.

Works for Children’s Ministry, Too

I looked and looked for publications on Character Building to teach the children on Wednesday Night Bible Study at church. While I could find a few character qualities in print here and there, I spent a lot of time developing my own lessons. Most of what I found, I gleaned from homeschool materials. This book lays out a great starting point

This book lays out a great starting point and possibly all you need to teach you mid-week Bible class or your Character Building lesson at various church clubs. If you have lessons but need something to supplement them, these character lessons would be excellent.

Color Pages

The coloring pages are beautiful pictures which include the scripture reference. When I printed out the download. There was plenty enough room for the children to write out the scriptures if desired.  I might have had made the pictures more basic black line and a bit less gray effects. But just the same lovely pictures.

Buy it now 

This book is well worth the purchase.

Following His commands;

Mandy Farmer







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  1. That was exactly my thought too Mandy, but I have five little grandkids 3 and under so that would be a nice one to read to them.

  2. I agree with you Mandy! Where was this book when we were writing our own curriculum years ago? This was a great book to read and share! Blessings to you!

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