7 thoughts on “Dropping By For A Visit

  1. My dream is to one day have a giant wraparound front porch and lots of rocking chairs ;). We used to have a campfire pit in our front yard, and every time we went outside to build a fire, the neighbor kids would come over with at least one ingredient for S’Mores (I don’t think they asked their mother–which was so very cute). I miss those days!

  2. Great post! I miss my relatives stopping by and staying for longer than 30 minutes because they need to go. Life is busy…what happened?
    I’m going to check out the IF table.
    Visiting from #InspireMeMondays

  3. Great post! I think you are so right….it truly is a lost art girl. WI should visit each other more often. I’m in the three spot this week.

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