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Life’s Interruptions Are Just a Change in Direction

Life interruptions don’t have to end your purpose in life. Here’s my life interruption story of chronic pain from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Life’s Interruption … New Year’s Eve 1989.

wedding picture
Wedding Day December 31, 1989

This was the day we were married. God had done an amazing thing to bring us together. (Read this story here in this Christmas post). Just suffice it to say that I went from being a single girl, on her own, programming computers to a pastor’s wife and a mom of two boys, 9 and 14! What a change!

But that is not the interruption I want to share about today.

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Life Interruption – February 2011.

Mandy Farmer

This wasn’t my last life interruption. I recommend Priscilla Shirer’s book, Life Interrupted, on the Prophet Jonah. {affiliate link}

8 thoughts on “Life’s Interruptions Are Just a Change in Direction

  1. Thank you, Anita! Priscilla Shirer said in her book, Life Interrupted that Interruptions are Divine Interventions! Yes, If we allow God to do His work He will do something amazing with our interruptions

  2. I understand. It really broke me heart to give up all the things I was involved in. I attend only one event on the weekend and then Monday is pretty much a wash. I miss some of the things I used to do. But like you the blogging community has been a great support for me. God bless. Have a wonderful Easter.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, it is hard for me because my interruption has meant that I have had to stop attending Church and singing with the church choir which I loved, I need all of my resources to get to work and do my day job (assisting the unemployed) that when it comes to the weekends I am nearly housebound recovering my energy levels and and resting my painful body. It has taken a lot for me to get my head around this but I always try to find the positives in everything and reaching out to the large Fibro Family is just one of the new things I do during the weekends. Advanced Easter Blessings to you.

  4. Yes. Priscilla Shirer said in her book “life interruptions are Divine Interventions”.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. What a beautiful story, GiGi! It’s amazing how those interruptions can be used by God to grow us into something we never imagined. May God continue to use you and grow you!

  6. God is amazing how He will use us when we let go and trust Him. God provides and equips all He asks of us to be available. He needed to take you out of your comfort zone of leading a children’s ministry into a women’s ministry where He lead 17 ladies to say they wanted to be part of the group. Blessings on your journey with these women and blessings on your life as God uses you in spite of the pain. Praying you are feeling somewhat better and can manage the pain. Go’d blessings on your journey in saying Yes To God.
    Marilyn V (OBS Group Leader)

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