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Beauty and the Beast Gets an A+

Last night our son came home from work and asked if he could take us to see a movie. We both have issues that are aggravated by going to the movies but hadn’t been to the movies in over a year so we accepted. He took us to a very nice theater that has recliners for seating. Can you believe? It was quite comfortable especially for me and my chronic pain. Georgia Theater Company.

And now, about the movie ……

 Beauty and the Beast.



I found the movie to be wonderful.

The story stayed close to the original story line, yet adding back story on both Belle and the Beast explaining a lot of things left unanswered in the animated version. The cinematography was awesome. The music was wonderful, even the new songs were appropriate and fitting.

The film was refreshingly new.

While the story line was the same, the added scenes and twists made it like watching a new love story. I especially loved the end once the spell is broken and the relationship between the castle and the townspeople is revealed.  I don’t want to say any more so as not the spoil it for you. I will say that my 20-year old daughter and I both loved it and said it’s worth seeing AGAIN!

I’ve always felt that one can learn and teach values from nearly any book or film.

Here are a few points I would find as teaching points if I still had young children at home.

  1. Bad attitudes and pride will separate you from your friends and your family.
  2. Bullies normally have sad or bad events in their lives causing their bad attitude, look deep before you judge.
  3. Kindness almost always wins out over bullies.
  4. If your child even notices the presence of a gay man, use this opportunity to talk about these issues as they will certainly be exposed to it sooner than later.

Finally, my advice is just go see it and decide for yourself.

I found it wonderfully entertaining.


signed Mandy

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