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Food Equals Pain ~ You Are What You Eat

It’s hard to swallow, but we are what we eat.

We really don’t want to admit that all the snacks and goodies we eat are hurting us. After all, we feel bad and all we want is to find some comfort food.

  • We, southerners, might go for a bowl of dumplings.
  • As a dairy farmer’s daughter, I  would love to pull up to a big bowl of ice cream.

Aches and Pains

Long before I was diagnosed with FMS and RA, I began realizing that my aches and pains sounded a lot like R.A. and I didn’t want to go there. My doctors had their simple answer, “You getting old”. Well, thank you very much.:)

I found a series of books called “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About ….”.  The first one I bought was about menopause, and then hypothyroidism, and later Fibromyalgia. There is a book on several different problems and diseases.

Diet is the key

I found something in common with all these books. Diet is the key to most of our issues. It’s partly due to how our food is processed now, but largely it is just what we are eating that is causing the problems. And as the title of the book suggests, I have never had a doctor tell me I needed to eat healthier. They will agree that a healthy diet is important, but they have never said, “If you eat right, most of these problems will go away or improve.”


So, I started seeing a holistic nutritionist. She did what is called muscle testing and then directed my diet and suggested supplements that my body needed. The biggest help was accountability. Turning in that list of everything I have eaten was a deterrent to putting that dessert in my mouth. 🙂

It was also good to have someone besides a family member keeping you on track. Family sometimes are reluctant to hold you accountable and then too when they do, it could cause some irritation. Also, “money talks” … If you are paying someone to keep you accountable, you will probably stay on track better.

Food Journaling

My friend Brandi at Being Fibro Mom has the hows and why of food journaling.

photo credit: Fibro Mom


If nothing else, start tracking what you eat. Then pay attention to when your pain is worse. As you track your food intake and your pain levels, it will help you realize which foods may be causing you more pain.

My Fitbit app will track food and there are many others available as well. Spark People has a good app that already has the nutritional values for many foods including restaurants. It will also save you regular meals, like breakfast is often the same.


To get you started here are some basic rules for getting on a healthier diet.

Get Started Getting Healthy


I’ll be writing more specifically about these things soon. But this will get you started and you may even begin to feel better with just this initial step.


This is a touchy area. I understand. This is truly an area that a person must decide for themselves what they will eat.

If you do the shopping and the cooking, you will have a lot of control. At least put the options out there for your loved one.

  • Always have fresh fruits and vegetables available. For me, if they are available, I will eat them.
  • Limit the sweets. The opposite is true, as well. If there are no sweets around, I won’t be tempted by them.

Think of it this way.

If your loved one was an alcoholic, would you keep lots of beer and drinks around?

  • No, you would free the house of them.
  • It’s the same for those of us who love bread and sweets.
  • Don’t offer it to them.

This is the tough love part.

Help them help themselves.


Well, I hope I haven’t been too harsh here. I’m preaching to myself because I really love the bread and sweets.

Let’s do this together!


Feeling Your Pain!

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10 thoughts on “Food Equals Pain ~ You Are What You Eat

  1. I’ve heard that happens a lot. I read that when doing allergy testing by removing the food item, allergy can return with vengeance when you add the food back. I, too, have loosened my control on sugar. God’s blessings as we both regain self-control! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. This past fall I had cut out a majority of processed sugars and so many of my ailments had disappeared. After the holidays, I started to slip back into my old ways and began eating processed sugars again. It seems that not only are my ailments back but even more so. As if my body, after having been cleansed, was reacting worse that it had initially.

    I really need to get back on track again and to eat healthy.

    Thanks for spurring me on.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Karen.
    It’s crazy hard to stay on a good food plan, especially when life is crazy. And now we are in the “Candy season”. From here through valentine’s there will be candy and sweets arouhd tempting me. ugh!

  4. This past week I’ve eaten more carbs and more junk as we are going through a very hectic season in our lives and oh what an effect it had on my recently quiescent stomach ailments!

    I have been so good for many months now and have cut out many sugars and carbs and my stomach problems had resolved.

    You are so right that food can effect so much of our well-being.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is a great infographic on a fibro diet! We are what we eat, and our bodies will either benefit or suffer from our food choices. Avoiding those foods and eating/drinking all the foods that will do our bodies good will lessen our fibromyalgia symptoms.

  6. Great thoughts, Mandy. I love bread, but we do limit how much we eat. I enjoy baking my own. 🙂 But you are right, diet really does make a difference in how our bodies heal. We also see a holistic doctor who uses muscle testing and supplements, but she says how important it is to eat the right kind of foods. Thanks for sharing your journey here. Blessings!

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