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Follow Christ ~ Abandon Everything

FMF:ABANDONThere is this way of living: abandon all worries and abide in Christ — all is well.
The relief’s in the release of everything into the hands of the God.
Isn’t it all safer in His hands anyways?[sic] Abandon and abide — all is well.
-Ann Voskamp

Will you follow Christ and Abandon Everything?


 [uhban-duh n]


 a complete surrender to natural impulses without restraint or moderation; freedom from inhibition or conventionality:


There are no worries when you give all for Christ.

 Looking in, one might think, “I have to give up so much. How will I make it if I abandon everything I have, everything I have worked for?”

 But the truth is when we give is all up and let Christ be in control, we no longer have to worry. God has it all under His control.

 Are you willing to abandon all for Christ?

It is truly worth it.

Even through the hard times, being able to rest in Him and let Him carry the weight is an amazing thing.

 I have done it.

I have given it all to Him. He has carried me through sickness, betrayal, financial difficulties, and more. I am inspired to share with others, like you, about my trials in life.

He inspires me to share with others, like you, about these trials and how God has been there every step of the way.

 I need nothing else but Him to rest upon.

He is my life.

I abandon all to follow Him!

 What about you?

Have you turned over everything in your life to the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords?

 It is well worth it.


He is my Fair Companion!

Have you turned your life over to Christ? You can do it today. Click here to learn more.
 Walking with Him;
signed Mandy

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