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How to Survive Valentine’s Day Without a Valentine

So, it’s February again.


…and many of you are.

According to the 2014 census, 48% of Americans over 16 are single. That means there are a lot of you out there that would like to think about something other than Valentine’s Day. But to no avail. It’s being forced on you in nearly every way. You can’t go out to eat because there will be couples everywhere you look. If you stay home and watch TV, you probably have to watch some romantic chick flick. Even at church, most times they’ll be doing something to do with dating, marriage, and the like.

So what’s a single soul to do?

I know what you thinking. “Hey, you’re a married woman. What can you tell me about dealing with Valentine’s Day?”  It’s true. I’ve been happily married for 27 years. But I was single for 12 years before that. That’s right, I NEVER had a sweetheart for Valentine’s Day until I was married. Came close a time or two, but never on Valentine’s Day. I know what it’s like to be lonely on February 14th. I know what it’s like to break up mere days before the holiday.

My heart always breaks for those who are alone that day. But I also know that it doesn’t really help to include them in my plans because it seems to just remind them even more of their singleness. So this year, I thought I would try to direct you in another direction. Start today making plans for how you will spend this month or at least February 14th. Don’t sit around for the next week and a half grumbling about the fact that you are single and no one cares. Let those who have a sweetheart off the hook this year. Let them enjoy their love without feeling guilty because you are alone.

 Do Something – Anything.

Valentines’ Day is about love. So think about the things you love to do and plan an evening filled with things you never take the time to do anymore.

  1. Rent or buy your favorite movies. Get your favorite snacks and enjoy your evening at home.
  2. Gather a good book or two. Get comfortable and catch up on some reading.
  3. Gather your crafting supplies and enjoy an evening of creativity.
  4. Get creative in the kitchen and try a new recipe or make some treats to give away.
  5. Start a new hobby or pick on old one.
  6. Treat yourself to a massage or a spa day.
  7. Find your single friends and plan your own party.
  8. Go to the gym. After all, no one will be there so you will have the place to yourself.
  9. Reach out to someone who is alone. Remember, 48% of adults are alone.
  10. Visit the Zoo or the pet shop. Pet sit.
  11. Make cookies. Then go to the children’s hospital
  12. Create treat bags and take them to the nursing homes.
  13. Buy a bouquet of flowers and then give them one by one to strangers on the street.
  14. Make little treat bags and give them to unsuspecting people: the clerk at the store, the mailman, the florist, folks at the police station or fire station.
  15. Do something for someone else. Volunteer.
  16. Connect with someone who is grieving.
  17. Offer to work for someone who would like to have the evening free.

Start Planning today for an awesome Valentine’s Day!

There are myriads of things that you can do that will keep your mind free of the obvious. And you’ll find that you bring yourself joy when you are giving of yourself to others. Make it a great day. Start planning the fun now

HAve a wonderfully blessed day!

signed Mandy






Just a note …

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