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Animal-Assisted Therapy for Chronic Pain

Touch is a very important part of life ~ pain or no pain.

Studies show that we need the human touch from others to maintain a healthy emotional state of mind. I read a study that said you need 8 hugs a day just to maintain your emotional health. When you suffer due to chronic pain, you many times, lose all the human touch in your life. Your friends and family are afraid to touch you because they don’t want to hurt you. Those that do touch you forget to do it gently. So you find that you are not enjoying to touch.

The problem is that many of us with chronic pain, never receive hugs. We are seldom touched at all. And thus, we find ourselves spinning down into that horrible spiral of depression. So how does one stop this process? We need to take things into our own hands.

In my experience, I try to offer the hugs.

cow hugs
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You really can’t give a hug without receiving a hug in return. When you offer a hug, it puts people at ease and they usually will return the hug. It shows that you are willing to receive touch and you can usually control the amount of pressure they are placing on you. It also gives them an opportunity to find out how you are feeling that day. If your pain is beyond this capability, maybe animal-assisted therapy will help you. Animals seem to know how to touch gently.

If your pain is beyond this capability, maybe animal-assisted therapy will help you. Animals seem to know how to touch gently.


Animal-Assisted Therapy can make all the difference.

Being a farm girl myself, I know that pets can really bring some joy into your life. When I was a child, my best therapy was to go out and sit with my favorite cow. Yep. That’s right my cow. She was gentle and she never talked back. Her large body was warm and she wrapped her neck around me as if to give a big hug. I could talk to her for hours about my frustration with no condemnation.

 I recently read this article about animal-assisted therapy. I don’t have any pets now, so I can’t personally testify to how they might help with chronic issues, but I have seen animals at work and know that they are an amazing help to many. Check out this post from a friend of mine.

Animal Assisted Therapy Reduces Chronic Symptoms

If you don’t have pets,

  1. Visit your friends who do.
  2. Visit a zoo.
  3. Visit a farm.
  4. Visit a pet store.
  5. Get one of your own.


If you are a mom fighting Chronic pain

Check out the web page of my friend, Brandi at Being Fibro Mom.

Feeling Your Pain;

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  1. I think that is the kind of dog I would like. Some dogs just bark the whole time you are in their presence. not for me. 🙂 I’d like one that just wants to come sit and cuddle!

  2. I so believe this. Our dog, who has been with us for 12 years, would be perfect for someone with chronic pain – he loves sitting, laying, being with those who are “still”…

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