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Do It Now

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Ephesians 5:15-17

15 So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise. 16 Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. 17 Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.


Do It Now

How often have you been caught off guard and missed an opportunity because you procrastinated? This may be one of the worst habits we get ourselves into. So much goes undone and unsaid because we put things off until later. And later never comes. 

I know many times that my children would be told to do a chore. They would put it off until suddenly they realized they had not done the chore at all. “I forgot”, they would say. But really the problem was in the procrastination.

And what about those big jobs, the term paper, or a writing assignment. We put it off and put it off until we are facing a deadline.Then the job is done too quickly and haphazardly. You know you could have done much better if only you had got right to the job.

Here’s a challenge …

This year, make “Now” your word for the year. Get to those jobs, small or large and see if you don’t have a much more successful year; especially in the area of communication with others. What if we all started giving those kind words of appreciation to each other. What if we began to stop and write a quick text or note when we feel appreciation or gratitude towards someone. Let’s start encouraging one another and let’s start doing it now!

I’m reminded of a poem I learned many years ago. I don’t even know who wrote it. But it has some wisdom for us all. How often do we think of something good about a person but never say it to them. Let’s stop thinking of nice things to say and start saying them.

After all, everyone can use a little encouragement now and again.

Do it Now

When, with pleasure, you are viewing

Any work a man is doing

And you like him, or you love him,

Tell him now.

Do not withhold your approbation

‘Til the parson makes oration

And he lies with snowy lilies on his brow.

For no matter how you shout it

He won’t know a thing about it;

He won’t know the many tear drops that you shed,

If you think that praise is due him,

Now’s the time to give it to him.

Cause a man can’t read his tombstone when he’s dead.

More than fame and more than money

Is your word both kind and sunny

And the hearty, warm approval of a friend.

It gives to life a savor

Makes us stronger, and yes, braver

And it gives us true encouragement to the end.

If he wins your praise, bestow it;

If you like him, let him know it.

Let the words of true encouragement be said.

Do not wait ‘til life is over,

And he lies beneath the clover,

Cause a man can’t read his tombstone when he’s dead. 

Author unknown

signed Mandy







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8 thoughts on “Do It Now

  1. You are so welcome. I am always blessed by your writing. Was just thinking about you and wondering if you might join in as an administrator on my Facebook page Leaving a Legacy. I’ve been sharing you advent posts there. My goal is to just be an encourager to women. Many of them are suffering with chronic illness and pain.

  2. Wise words. I will take your wise words and apply them now by letting you know I deeply appreciate your support of my blog. Merry Christmas!

  3. Great poem! And it’s so true that we should be speaking words of encouragement now. That is definitely not something to be putting off until later.

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