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Book Review : The Tiniest Tree

The Tiniest TreeThe Tiniest Tree by Ann Banco Reade

I met Ann Reade when I moved into her community last fall. She has a huge heart for any creature, animal or human, that is less privileged or struggling in life. Her writings take you right to the soul of her passion.

In her first book, The Tiniest Tree, a load of trees are being taken to the city to be sold as Christmas trees. The tiny tree takes this journey, just as many of us have taken a journey in our own lives to where we didn’t necessarily want to go.


The Tiniest Tree

The Tiniest Tree is just minding his own business, but someone comes along and cuts him down. And he finds himself on a journey to a strange place. Other trees around him grumble and complain, pulling down his spirits and trying to destroy his faith.

Through the journey, the tiniest tree learns how to hold on to his faith and find purpose in his new life.

Ann takes the plight of a Christmas tree and teaches the reader to keep the faith but at the same time introduces them to the plight of the homeless. It would be a wonderful avenue to teach a few lessons on character and introducing children to the idea of helping the homeless.

Pick up The Tiniest Tree this Christmas. It is written and English and Spanish with colorful pictures to catch the eye of any child. The second edition has been updated and released in paperback.

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The Tiniest Tree
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The Tiniest Tree
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Watch For Book 2 Soon!

Ann’s Second book, about a disabled goose, named Ernie, is about to go to the publisher. You want to watch for it, especially since my daughter is the illustrator. 🙂


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