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Y-Gen Prayer to Delight in the Lord

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This prayer is written and given to God for my nieces and nephews (and others in my realm of influence), whom I speak about by name to our great Father in heaven.

Our precious Lord,

I pray for the young people of this new generation. I pray they will realize the joys received when they follow the advice of the godly and not they ways of the world. The ways of the world are so tempting and seem to right for life. But there is great joy in following You. I pray that this generation will experience this to be true for themselves.

I pray they will desire to draw close to You by spending time in Your Word. May their desire be not just reading it through but really meditating on it throughout their day. Then when the temptations of the world present themselves Your Word will be there to remind them of the good and right way of life.

Finally,  as they dwell in your presence, may they find joy and success in life. I know You promise, if we dwell in Your presence, You will, in turn, bless our lives with strength and success.



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