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Sundays in the Park

Five Minute Friday, prompt … PARK.

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Every minister knows the frustration of keeping attendance up during the summer.

Preparing and offering a full service in the summer is frustrating in the least, especially on those holiday weekends. Here’s an idea that was a big hit for us.

Sundays in the Park

When we served as pastor and wife in Milwaukee, we started a summer tradition called Sundays in the Park. Milwaukee has a beautiful park system. So we decided to take advantage and have a casual service in the park several times throughout the summer months.

Every couple of weeks, we chose a new park, pulled out the big smoker, and cooked our hearts out at the park. Everyone loved coming out for a relaxing day just to fellowship and eat burgers and hot dogs, or even sometimes smoked pork. Oh, my goodness, talk about a great time.

The Service

We all brought the extras and visited while the meat cooked. Then when the food was about ready, we stopped for a short devotional and then we enjoyed all the food you could desire. We might even bring the praise team out for a little music to draw attention!

Not only was this  a great time of fellowship, but it usually drew other people in.

  • secular friends that might not come to a regular church service
  • members and friends of the church on the fringe
  • even visiting locals.

If you church member make a mass exodus every weekend of the summer, you might want to try something like this too. If nothing else, it was exposure for your church. you know, a church that has fun. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

I know we loved it!







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