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4 Simple and Easy Ways to Get Those Notes in the Mail

4 Simple WaysThere’s nothing better than going to the mailbox, pulling out the mail, and finding an honest to goodness note from someone among the bills.

It’s becoming an oddity in this day of social media. But tell the truth, isn’t it a blessing to receive a handwritten note in the mail? To me, it just seems much more special than a shout out on Facebook. Somehow, that is just too easy. But stopping and writing a note takes thought and says your really care.

My top spiritual gift is encouragement.

I have loved to write notes to people most of my life. Just a couple sentences to say, “Hey, I thought of you today.”  You have no idea how often it has been a blessing to someone. A kind word just at the right time.

From as early as they could hold a pencil, I have required that my children write some type of a Thank you note when they receive a gift. People really still do appreciate getting a thank you. Somehow, the world has told us that writing a note and putting it in the mail is no longer necessary. [I beg to differ.]

  1. At the beginning of each month, take a calendar and randomly write names of people on different days. Then during your quiet time each morning, pray for that person and write a quick note to them. I did this all through college. I didn’t even have to pay for postage then because I could mail them through the college post office for free!
  2. If you have lots of thank you’s to write, set a deadline. Count the number of gifts you need to send thank you’s for, divide by the number of days till your deadline, then write that many thank you’s each evening as you watch the news or your favorite program. You can get them done during the commercials! I did this after my wedding with 200+ gifts and I had them all done within 2 months.
  3. If you are crafty, start making your own cards. You’ll be so proud to mail them to friends. Every so often, a friend and I get together and make the most beautiful cards. It’s a lot of fun and great fellowship. Some years, I save the Christmas cards that I receive in the mail. Then after the first of the year, I create a new card from their Christmas card. I read the card and say a prayer for the family and mail the newly made card with a note inside.
  4. Shut-ins are especially glad to receive a note in the mail. A few years back, I realized that one day, I would be that forgotten widow of a pastor. So I started writing notes to all the widows of pastors in our district. I thought, maybe, the thought will be returned one day. Guess what …. they started writing me back! How awesome. A gift that gives back!
handmade cards
a couple handmade cards my friend and I made.

I’ve been writing this month expressly to ministers and those in leadership. Let me emphasize that a note to your people occasionally will bring forth dividends. Send birthday cards, handwrite a note to your visitors or students. It really doesn’t take much of your time. But it DOES show that your care. Give it a try.


Mandy Farmer






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10 thoughts on “4 Simple and Easy Ways to Get Those Notes in the Mail

  1. You gave me a smile and ended me of my mother and her birthday cards. She wrote them but they wouldn’t make it to the mail. We often received cards months after our birthday.
    Trusting this turning of a new leaf will stick!

  2. I LOVE to write encouragement cards, too. My bad habit is to not mail them. I don’t know why this happens.

    Great idea about writing names on the calendar. I am going to do that AND mail the ones I wrote today!

  3. I’m an encourager too. Love sending and receiving real mail. I’m in the 50 spot this week.

  4. How to eat an elephant ……. one bite at time.
    Some things seem like a big job but if you do it little by little, the job gets done easily.
    I’m thinking that when you spread it out, your notes will probably be more personal too.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. GG loved this. I especially love taking the calendar and writing names for the month. I am in Bible studies and love sending my team cards and I find myself rushing to get them all in the mail the same day.

  6. Thanks. I have to give my friend most of the credit. She has the supplies and comes up with the designs. I just pretty much copy her work. Ha! I do enjoy doing it though.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  7. I love your handmade cards! They are beautiful! And what a great idea with the Christmas cards–I may try a few of those this year. Thanks for the great ideas. –Have a Blessed Weekend!

  8. Loved your timely reminder as well as practical tips. I use the writing during the commercials one for Christmas cards! (Your FMF neighbour).

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