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Self-Care ~ The First Step to Avoiding Burn-Out

self care for pastors
Part One of Self-Care for Pastors

Pastors tend to be workaholics. But this is the road to burn-out. Please set a day of the week that is your “day off”. Tell your board that it’s your day off and post this anywhere possible, such as in your bulletin. Take care of yourself first. This is the policy laid out in an emergency situation. Always take care of yourself first, so that you are able to care for others.

It’s not always feasible to keep to the plan but do the very best you can.

It seems that many times surgeries get scheduled on Monday morning so you are up and going to be with your church member. When this happens, be sure to take another day as your day of rest.

The church will not appreciate you anymore for doing it. They probably won’t even notice that you are working 24/7 for them. Please, take time to rest. God has commanded it. And your family needs you, too.

Let me suggest to you these two books …..

This is a must-read. I have written a review here.

I have not read this one, but it comes highly recommended by others.

We’ll be talking about this more in the future. For now, Just take some time off. Read a book. Play with your kids. Go on a date with your spouse.

Resting in Him!

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14 thoughts on “Self-Care ~ The First Step to Avoiding Burn-Out

  1. First, forgive my slowness in responding. Found your comment in my spam folder.

    Yes, it is true. We must take that time to rest. THat day off. We will otherwise burn out so quickly.

    Thanks for coming by.

  2. I know what you mean. We homeschooled and he started going to work onMonday, so I decided, no school on Mondays. It worked out well. But you are right. It does fill up with family to-dos!

  3. Yes! My husband is a pastor and takes Mondays off. We treasure those days. He is good about taking his day off and we really look forward to that time together. The one downside is that it seems to fill up so fast on the many tasks of family life, so it’s not really rest time, but at least it’s not filled with church work.

  4. Thanks so much for the reminder about taking a Sabbath. I am finally learning to do that after years in the ministry. It helps that our senior pastor is good about checking in with the staff making sure this is a priority for us. It makes such a difference taking at least that one day off a week. I do come back more refreshed and eager to serve our congregants.

  5. Linda thanks for dropping by. It is so true. God’s servant are under so much pressure today. Satan is attacking hard. Thank you for your words of support.

  6. Good counsel! I’ve talked with many pastors in my role as a counselor / coach … these servants of God need grace to live lives out of the office, away from the phone. They need time with their families, time in solitude with God. And so much pulls at them from every side.

    May we be more faithful in praying for those who shepherd us.

    So good to meet you from over at Anita’s place today …

  7. Self care is so so Important. It’s one of the lessons from seminary I take with me at all times. I’ll need to check out those two books you suggested.

  8. oh yes, don’t I know it. It is so difficult. We, too, have been called back home. Leaving the phone behind is a good idea. It’s one of the disadvantages of our socially connected world. We feel like we must answer. And people don’t have a problem calling. 🙁
    If at all possible, try to have people lined up to take the calls while you are gone. They handle all these things when they are in between pastors. They can handle it when you are on vacation.
    On a daily note, try to not answer your phone during mealtime. Most issues can wait an hour. They can leave a message and you return the call after the meal is done. Our families must come first.

    Though it seems that the dearest ones are the ones who pass away while you are gone. 🙁

    If you must return, try your best to get away soon again.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Yes, this is much needed, but hard to do for some. My husband has been called while on vacation with the family, out of state before, which was a bummer. Now he doesn’t bring his phone with him.

  10. Thanks for dropping by and for the good book suggestions! I’ll have to check them out as well. My “to read” list is getting way too long.

  11. Love this! As an Introvert and fairly new ‘on staff’ Pastor, I have set aside my Mondays for Sabbath and Introverting and everyone knows it! 😉

    I loved Rest of God and Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller. I haven’t read the other book but will add it to my list! Judah Smith also has a new book coming out specifically for Pastors called “How’s Your Soul?” that looks really good as well!

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