For Those in Ministry

Paying it forward to those who follow us in ministry

My husband and I have recently retired from church ministry.

Pastor Mike and Mandy
M & M Ministries ~ Michael and Mandy Farmer

He served as a pastor for 40 years.

I joined him 27 years ago.

It was a wonderful ministry all along the way. Between us we served in 5 states.

We’ve made wonderful friends.

Brought many people closer to the Lord.

But, it wasn’t all peaches and creme.

We had our trials. But we always remembered that our Lord went through some trials too. It’s part of the package.

However,  I wish at times that someone would have come along beside us.

I’m baffled at schools and seminaries.

They don’t seem to really prepare us for the nitty-gritty of life.

So, I want to try to answer a few questions to those coming behind us.

I plan to write a series of posts this fall to offer encouragement.

 A Treasure Trove of Ministry Helps.

I can share from the viewpoint of a pastor’s wife and several other ministries;

However, I would really like your help.

So would you mind filling out a little survey for me? 

Anyone who has served in any church ministry can take the survey. [paid or volunteer]

Or if you are preparing for ministry and you have questions, just ask your question instead of answering mine. 🙂

I think you can do this in ten minutes or less. So please, help me out.

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Feeling compassion for those who come behind,


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