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Time to Pray

I saw a post recently where someone mentioned that she didn’t think it was time to pray, but rather a time to act.

Now there IS a time to act, but I believe that we ought to start with prayer. We cannot face evil without first going to prayer and leaving it in God’s hands. When we just act, we get what we have now. Tweet: We cannot face evil without first going to prayer and leaving it in God’s hands. @ggmandy

As Christians have we truly fallen before God to pray for our nation? Oh, we say we pray and we might even throw in a sentence prayer or two now and again. But let me ask you when was the last time you really spent time in prayer over our nation?

Are we desperate enough to give up a meal, get down on our knees and cry out to God over the sins of our land? Are we willing to humble ourselves and ask forgiveness?



God promises that if we HIS PEOPLE will humble ourselves and repent of not only our own sins but also the sins of the nation that He will restore our land. Let’s claim it and do it.

Franklin Graham posted a Facebook Live pray for the Republican convention today. And he will do it again for the Democratic convention. Pray with him right now. ..



Franklin Graham’s prayer


I saw a challenge yesterday

We all set our watches and STOP AND PRAY for one minute at 9pm EST. Consider joining the effort to pray every day. It wouldn’t have to be at the same time. What if we bombard heaven every hour of the day? Pick the hour that works for you. God would hear and heal our land. Let’s do it! 


Set your watches, gather your families, and pray even if it is just for one minute.

God would see that we are serious. Commit to praying through the elections.

People this is serious. We need to take it seriously.

Will you join me?

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Tweet: We cannot face evil without first going to prayer and leaving it in God’s hands. @ggmandy


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0 thoughts on “Time to Pray

    1. Oh, yes, there is a time to act and to continue to pray. But I am concerned that many seldom talk to the Lord and get his direction first. They run out ahead of God. This can be catastrophic. For example in Joshua 9 “The Israelites examined their food, but they did not consult the LORD.” and they ended up making a treaty with the enemy. My point is pray first. Then act as directed by God.
      Thanks for visiting and reading and commenting. Always love to hear what readers are thinking.

      1. Agreed, we ought to be diligent and keep in contact with Him, seeking guidance instead of acting without any. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Gili, for getting us to think.

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