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5 Directives for Rest

Rest is our greatest commodity, but we seldom take advantage of it. {}

Rest is

a time for reconditioning,

a time to refuel,

a time to release tensions.


Remember when you were small and momma would make you take a nap? Or you would play so hard that when she put you in the high chair (where you couldn’t move about), you would fall asleep and fall face first into your supper?

Now, as adults, we would pay to get a chance to take a nap. At least that is what we say. But truthfully, we are still fighting the rest we need.

  • We over schedule our lives.
  • Running from this event to that one.
  • Allowing our kids to participate in every opportunity that arises.
  • Even in church or ministry, we really do way too much, never leaving time for restoration.

God planned from the beginning that we should rest. He knew that we would need that commandment to stop our laboring once a week. But in this busy world, we ignore his guidance. And then we pay for it and end up with food on our face or worse.

Sadly, He has to force us to get still and rest.

When our son was a baby, we had to wrap him in our arms and hold him tightly so that he would get still and fall asleep. At times, God has to hold us down and  keep us still until we finally rest,too. 

These God-induced rests come in many forms. It could be sickness, or maybe job loss, or many other things. It’s painful, but this seems to be the only way that he can get us to actually stop and rest.

green pastures
photo by Kathy Dawson : modified by GGMandy

Have you ever noticed in Psalms 23, “He MAKES me lie down in green pastures.”

Think about King David, he realized that God had to force him to actually stop and rest. I can imagine that David was a go-getter, type A fellow.

Which leads me to think, he knew about needing rest and forgetting to rest until God forced his hand on it. It could be why he had to hide out in caves, or live with his enemies while he waited to become king.

Being a farm girl, I can easily go back in my mind to the farm and find rest. Psalm 23 is my “go to” scripture for finding rest. I have it memorized for times of trouble to help calm my nerves, my mind, my body. Psalm 23 helps me make God my resting place.

Additionally, I looked up the definition for rest and I see 5 directives for our own lives.

  1.   repose, sleep; specifically :  a bodily state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities

  2. a: freedom from activity or labor b :  a state of motionlessness or inactivity

  3. a place for resting or lodging

  4. peace of mind or spirit

  5. Something used for support

-Merriam-Webster dictionary


Finally, here are some directives that correlate …

He Restores My Soul
Photo by Joan Dawson : Modified by GGMandy
  1. Set times in your week expressly for rest.
  2. Use this time for total rest… no work, no play. Just Breathe.  {Note the words motionless or inactivity.}
  3. Find a resting place. A place of peace and quietude. It may only be in your mind, but go there.
  4. Stay there until you have peace of mind.
  5. Rest on God. He is the ultimate resting place.

Don’t let anything override this time.

You need it.

You deserve it.

And God ordered it.

Resting in Him; {}

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Psalm 23

A psalm of David.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
    he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.
Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.


I’m participating with Kate Motaung and Five Minute Friday crew. The goal is the write for five minutes on the particular topic. Today’s topic … REST

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  1. Thanks for re-posting these good words! God is continually taking me into a deeper place of resting these days. Resting my MIND and body in Him. And what a great suggestion to repeat the 23rd Psalm during those rest times. I have been re-reading the Psalms during these days of stillness. So good! Blessings to you!

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