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Losing it All

Have you ever felt like you were losing everything?

I know I felt this way when fibromyalgia set in. I lost so many of the things I loved to do.

I lost working with children at church.

lost supporting other homeschoolers and teaching classes,

I lost my freedom as I could no longer drive myself where I wanted to go,

I lost a my social life,

and ultimately, my husband lost his job do to my illness. Which meant we lost our home, our income, our self worth.

But what I gained was a new perspective on life.

I gained an empathy for others who are ill…much more ill than myself.

I gained an understanding of the concerns and pressures placed on a caregiver. None by their own choosing (other than the promise given in the wedding vows, or that blood is thicker the water).

We gained a new trust in God as our provider (no relying on our own abilities here.)

The greatest thing I gained in the stillness, was time to really get close to my Creator. I now gave Him time to really speak to me and, oh, how I have grown.

Illness has a way of teaching us what is really important in life. We can get so busy doing stuff. Stuff that doesn’t matter worth a flip. Stuff that will only burn up when we stand before God one day. 

Why don’t we listen when we read or hear God’s Word when He says …

Jesus: If any one of you wants to follow Me, you will have to give yourself up to God’s plan, take up your cross, and do as I do. 35 For any one of you who wants to be rescued will lose your life, but any one of you who loses your life for My sake and for the sake of this good news will be liberated. 36 Really, what profit is there for you to gain the whole world and lose yourself in the process? 37 What can you give in exchange for your life? 38 If you are ashamed of Me and of what I came to teach to this adulterous and sinful generation, then the Son of Man will be ashamed of you when He comes in the glory of His Father along with the holy messengers at the final judgment. Mark 8: 34-38

Lost in Him;

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