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Living with Fibromyalgia ~ Dr. Jonathan Kuttner

In all my searching for help, I came across Dr. Jonathan Kuttner from New Zealand. After being injured in a hang gliding accident, he began dealing with chronic pain. Being a doctor and needing answers himself, he decided to find the answers and he began sharing his information learned on his own webpage, Life After Pain. He has many, many videos explaining fibromyalgia and offering suggestions of ways to decrease your pain. I have found him to be very encouraging. Here’s one article he offered on his site.   – GGMandy


Pain Sensitisation – When Your Pain Goes Up to 11

spinaltap-11I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ – the 80s mockumentary that chronicles the rise and fall of a rock band trying to make it. But there is one classic scene where the lead guitarist is showing the filmmaker their new amp.

He says: “You see this amp? It’s very special. Most amps only go up to 10. But ours goes up to 11.”

Now while there’s some humour in this (you can make as many numbers as you like on a dial) there is another comparison I could make.

For people with pain sensitisation, their pain dial goes up to 11 (or even 12,13 14 or 15.)


When people’s pain system is sensitised it can even affect things like sight and hearing. For example, sometimes in my waiting room I see people wearing their dark glasses indoors.

When I ask them why they say – “Everything seems too bright. And too loud as well.”

So if you have pain sensitisation, and your pain goes up to 11+ the most important question is – how can you turn it down?


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