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5 Easy Steps to a Clean Banister

Five Minute FridaysIt’s Friday! Time to link up with Kate Motaung for the five minute writing challenge. Write for 5 minutes unedited on a specified topic.  [OK .. I do edit .. I just don’t think fast enough .. or type fast enough. But I’m making progress.]

Also linking up with Karissa at A Fresh Start on a Budget on her Spring Cleaning Challenge

This week’s topic … Easy


I don’t like painted woodwork. It’s just not as pretty as the beautiful wood grain patterns but it is easy to see all the dirt and grime that collects on them. Especially on the stair banisters, handprints from greasy, sweaty hands show up so easily and looks so bad. Sometimes, you don’t even want to take hold of the banister for all the sticky dirt. However, I did find an easy way to clean them up, so thought I would share it with the world.

  1. 20151229_191326 Purchase some Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads. This time I used the ones with Dawn in the them. Hadn’t used them for this before, but it’s what I had so I went with it. After all, we’re talking about grease and grime here.
  2. Grab a few paper towels.






3. Wet your sponge and wipe. Amazing how easy the dirt will come loose. 20151229_191652


4. Quickly take your paper towel and dry the section off.


5. Move to the next section. Before you know it, you have beautiful clean banisters. At least until some little grimy hands take hold of it again!





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