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Glancing Back; Looking Forward

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I missed linking up with Emily P. Freeman at “What I Learned” where we look back before moving forward. Taking a look back helps me become more aware of what is happening around me and encourage me to move forward to learn more. Here’s a few things I learned in March.


  1. I attended a pain clinic for fibromyalgia patients at Mayo Clinic the first week in March. While I had learned much of how to deal with the pain over the past 5 years, it was good to get confirmation on things. Plus, it was great to connect up with other patients struggling with the same issues. I decided that I should post a series on fibromyalgia. So watch for it this month…


2. My friend likes to do card-making with stamps and die cuts. She invited me to join her one morning. What a great time of fellowship and learning a new craft. We made over a dozen beautiful Easter cards to send to widows. Here are a couple of them.



3. I’ve been studying along with the First5 app. This is an amazing 12961513_10153522176246961_2591469236595275408_nand helpful app for getting you into the habit of giving God the first 5 minutes of your day. Check it out. This past month we’ve been working our way through Leviticus and Hebrews. I’ve read several times, but how wonderful to connect it with Hebrews. What a blessing to study all the ceremonial laws right as we led up to Easter. I posted my thoughts on my devotional blog Spiritually Speaking.


4. Learned how to file our own taxes without the help of tax-timean accountant. Tax Slayer has really been a blessing. They actually have professionals that will help you when you have tax questions. And to top it off … we’re getting a refund!


5. We had a very different Easter this year. Having just retired, we saw Easter from the pew side of the sanctuary.


So this month, I’ll be trying to get into a better routine of blogging. In March, I was only able to post, my Five Minute Fridays  and a few Throwback Thursday blogs, reminiscing about my grandparents on Raised in a Barn.

Again, remember to watch for my Fibromyalgia series, called “Fibromyalgia is Real” coming soon.

Expecting great things!

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  1. GiGi never done this. Looks like a good thing. I am trying goals for the month and one of mine is catching up on the First Five App. Isn’t it just amazing? Do you buy the book to go along with the app? I do and it takes me awhile to get thru it all and I am behind trying to catch up tomorrow.

    1. I haven’t purchased the book. But have been researching and studying on my own. Never thought I’d be excited about studying Leviticus. Ha!

  2. Mandy, I missed the linkup a few months ago too. But glad you linked up here. So fun to see what you learned this month. I love TurboTax for doing my taxes. My refund happily was in my account today too! 🙂

  3. I am so glad you were able to attend the Pain Clinic! I’m sure it was helpful and beneficial and more than anything – just meeting people who truly understand first hand has got to be such a gift! I remember when a good friend was diagnosed with Fibro in the mid 90s maybe… it was a new thing back then with little to no idea of what it was or how to treat it and so many really did think it was all in the mind… I think a series would be extrememly helpful to many -both who have it and those who have loved ones who suffer!

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