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FMF : Whole

FMF (2)It’s Friday! Time to link up with Kate Motaung for the five minute writing challenge. Write for 5 minutes unedited on a specified topic.  [OK .. I do edit .. I just don’t think fast enough .. or type fast enough. But I’m making progress.]

This week’s topic … WHOLE

I have 5 siblings.

My “whole” family before the youngest was born. That’s me in the blue

Now that we are all grown and have families of our own. We all live in a different state … Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Kentucky. So you can imagine how difficult it is to get the whole family together at the same time.

In all truthfulness, I enjoy being with my siblings one or two at a time. It’s really much more sane and I enjoy the company more that way.  When you put 6 siblings and their spouses and along with 30 plus grandchildren, it can get a little crazy, if you know what I mean.

It has actually been ten years since the whole family was together. We all were together to celebrate Mom and Dad’s 50th anniversary. We all made it home to the farm for that one. Which was a good thing. Since then, the farm has been sold leaving no real “home” to go to.

Most of us made it to a family reunion in 2014. We had a grand time with many of our cousins. But our family pictures are missing my older brother.

The family less my older brother. 2014 .. That’s me in purple.


This month, Mom and Dad are celebrating 60 years. They invited all their children and spouses on a cruise with them. This time, I was the one who didn’t make it.

I guess we’ll never get a picture of the “whole” family. 60th Anniversary cruise.

Maybe some day the whole family will manage to be together again.

But I’m looking forward to an even better  homecoming. One that I’m hoping the whole family will make it to. That’s the Great Homecoming in the sky when Gabriel blows his trumpet and we all rise to meet the Lord in the air. Now that will be a great reunion.

Have you made your reservation?

Expecting great things!

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