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It’s Friday: FMFparty: Alive!

It's Friday

It’s Friday! Time for Five Minute Friday. free writing for five minutes … no editing  (sure).  This week’s word is “Alive”. I often find myself speechless when I think of what He went through for me. That’s why today, I haven’t found too many words of my own. I’m gonna let my sons do the writing this time!

Rev. Brian Farmer

There’s certainly a place for the mentality of, “It’s Friday; but, Sunday’s coming.” No question about that. 
My concern is that, in our Tylenol society, we don’t allow ourselves to really contemplate and reflect on Friday. We don’t like pain. We avoid thinking or talking about death.
But, without grasping the heartache, separation, and loss that took place on Friday, we can’t really appreciate Sunday for all that it’s worth, nor experience the depth of joy and gratitude its coming truly brings.
Don’t let Good Friday pass without really reflecting on what it commemorates. It’s not exactly comfortable; but, it’s not supposed to be. Experience the grief and loss with those early followers at the foot of the cross, so that you can really experience their amazement and joy at the empty tomb.

Brett D. Farmer

Friday we should remember the initial grief the followers of Jesus felt, and remember He died to be our perfect sacrifice.

Saturday is usually forgotten. The disciples had failed, they lost all hope, they were fugitives, and the world had no Savior.

Sunday we celebrate the fact that even though Christ died on Friday he rose again, declaring Himself the perfect living savior. And even though we have “Saturdays” filled with failure and humiliation, we don’t have to stay in Saturday we can move forward into Sunday remembering what Christ did on Friday and knowing he can turn our “Saturdays” into Sundays filled with Grace, Forgiveness, and Praise.


I was traveling  and listening to David Jeremiah

My take away from his Easter sermon is this …

 We are ALIVE because He is ALIVE.

We can only experience a second life because He paid the second death.

Praise the Lord!

Our failures are not fatal.

Our Failures are not Futile.

Our failures are not final.


It is good to have  the reminder of pain  on Good Friday

the sadness on Saturday

so that we can

Celebrate on Sunday.

It is so amazing what he has done and my heart is filled with joy

because I am Alive forevermore because He is ALIVE forevermore.

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Photo by Kathy Dawson