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You Might be Surprised

It’s Friday. Time for the Five Minute Writing Challenge … Write for five minutes straight no changing, no editing, just write. Today’s word …..




Try it you’ll like it.

How many times have we said this to our children? I have said it many times.

I’ve actually learned this through experience. Many times I have increased my list of favorite foods just by trying something new. One thing that comes to mind the most is Apple Crisp. Never thought I would like that. But we were offered it when visiting a friend and I ate it out of respect. Turns out .. it’s really good. Same experience with blueberry crisp.

I think in many areas of life that if we would just try something, we would find out that we really like it. Not just in the area of food but even things like exercise, reading a book, attending a cultural event.

C.S. Lewis was surprised when he finally tried Christ. His autobiography, Surprised by Joy, tells of just that. The book is his journey to faith in Christ. He was determined that he would not believe in God, but reluctantly he came to faith and was surprised at what he found.

I challenge you to try something new this week. Try a new food, a new genre of reading or music, even getting to know someone you don’t particularly think you will like.


Have you tried Jesus yet? Why not give Him a try?

The Bible says

 Taste of His goodness; see how wonderful the Eternal truly is.
    Anyone who puts trust in Him will be blessed and comforted.

Psalm 34:8

Expecting great things!

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