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Life is Like a Rollercoaster

Life is like a rollercoaster,

At times, you raise your hands up and enjoy the ride

Other times,  you hang on tight for dear life

and try not to vomit.

– quote from a personal friend


Rollercoasters. What a thrill ride. Or at least I used to think so.

I remember in college, we would head up to Cincinnati to King’s Island. We’d arrive as early as possible and go straight to the fastest longest highest whatever rollercoaster.



I recall waiting in line, they had these warning signs that in themselves would cause your stomach to start churning. We would be willing to wait in line for hours to get our lives turned topsy turvy in every which way. And then get right back in line.



This  was my habit for many years. Up into married life ….

Then Six Flags of Georgia built the G-Force.

My husband and I went with the teens to enjoy a day of roller coasters. Again, we found the G-Force. And rode it over and over. Is was fast and twisty… cork screws and long drops over and over again. I think we rode it 6 times … one time too many.

That was the last of my roller coaster riding days.

Until our little girl came along.

At 5 or 6, she  discovered roller coasters. Momma stayed on the ground and watched even though these were kiddie coasters. I was not willing to strap myself into the likes of that again. I enjoyed watching the cars come around the bends and hearing my little girl screaming with delight.

I’m not sure what possessed me to do this, but when she grew to the size to ride the big coasters, we headed off to Wild Adventures one day with the home school group.

The newest ride was SWAMP THING.

It’s one of those coasters where you hang below the rails. And this one would fly you up and around and over a swamp full of alligators. Mikaela didn’t have a friend to ride with her, so like any mother would do (I guess) I got on the ride with her.

Now imagine this ..

I hadn’t been on a coaster in years. My daughter was just a little thing; barely big enough for the ride. The brace seemed to loom over her, but her tiny body seemed it could easily slip right out. I was next to her holding my purse (cause there was no one to hold it for me).

At first it seemed okay. The rails were smooth, we weren’t moving too fast. But THEN … the twisting, the centrifugal force flinging us outward, the ups, the downs, the overs, the outs. I was hanging on for dear life. Scared I would drop my purse in the swamp, but more than that, scared my little girl would be flung out into the swamp. I was never so glad to see us come back into the station.


it didn’t stop and we had to go through the entire thing again. What an experience. I was never more glad to get unbuckled and off of a ride. My daughter, on the other hand, had a marvelous time. She was completely unaware of the fact the her mother was completely scared out of her wits!

So here’s my thought ….

Is life really like a roller coaster? We need to have that child’like faith that it will be fun and not worry about whether we are safe or not. We get on a roller coaster with faith that it will be a thrilling ride and that we will be safe and sound through all the ups and downs.

Do we have this faith for life?

If God is in charge, we can have that faith. His arms of safety wrap around us like those big braces that come down around us on the coaster. A roller coaster is tested and tried just as Christ has tested and tried this life.

The Psalmist says, “The angel of the Lord is a guard, he surrounds and defends those who fear Him.” [Psalm 34:7]

If we get on this life coaster with Christ we are safe.

So let’s ride!

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