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What I Learned in January

I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman with her monthly link-up to help us look back and think about what we have learned over the past month. This is training me to pay more attention to life.

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What I learned in January….

  1. UPS Gives a 15% AAA discount.

    I went to UPS the other day to send a fax and also send a wedding gift. I was pleasantly surprised when asked if we had a AAA membership and was given a 15% discount on the fax and 5% discount on the package. Since our income has recently decreased significantly, I was very pleased. Always ask, you never know.

  2. Other AAA Benefits.

    I knew AAA gave discounts at hotels and rental cars and other travel type places. I even knew they were offering shopping through their site but really hadn’t paid much attention.. Until now. So decided to dig a little further.  Here’s a few ….

  • Free AAA membership for your teen with a learners permit.  (Learned this one too late. 🙁
  •  Insurance ~ auto, home, life and pet health insurance.
  •  Reward Points ~ You can purchase myriads of gift cards through AAA and receive 5% back which goes towards your AAA membership fee. You can also receive credit awards for shopping through the AAA website at places like QVC, 1-800-FLOWERS, Target, Walmart, and others.

  1. Ever wonder where your dollar bill has been? 20160121_145207

    Our daughter noticed a red stamp on a dollar bill the other day. It said Where’s George? You can go to www.wheresgeorge.com, enter the serial number, and if others have entered it, you will learn where the dollar bill has traveled. Set up an account, and it will e-mail you any time some else finds the bill and enters it in. It serves no real purpose but it’s kind of a interesting tidbit.

  2. And last but not least ….

    I tried my hand at monogramming. I have been crocheting to make wedding gifts and baby gifts for several years now. My niece got married in December. I was late getting her gift finished do to our moving across the state. When I finally finished, I had some extra yarn so decided I would give the monogram a try. I was pretty proud of my work, but you be the judge …                                                                                                                                                          received_10208453012746072To see more of my previous work, go to my photo gallery


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