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What I Learned in 2015

Wow! Here we are at the end of another year and I’m looking back to see if WhatI learnedI have truly learned anything. I decided the first place to look would be at my One Word. I am amazed how the Lord works in our lives. How He began preparing me for the events of 2015. Who knew that LESS would be the theme of the year. I am so glad that God began working on me early to make the challenges easier to face.

Let me comment on where I was and where I am using the same format.


  1. Liability – Owe no man anything but love. Learning to live with less and learning to love others regardless of the situation has really been the theme of our lives. I haven’t totally reached the goal here, but making progress. I don’t know how many times I was tempted to purchase something, but was reminded to purchase “LESS” this year. This has been a blessing since we lost income this year, it’s been a struggle and will continue to be, but at least we were on the path already and are learning to “be content whatever our situation“.
  2. Liability – And then there is the issue of owing no man nothing but love. Oh, have I had to remind myself of this one. I have only been able to do this through the grace of God and prayer. I’m reminded of my childhood days and one of those phrases we heard often from my mother. Whenever we would say something mean against our siblings, my mother would make us say Ten Nice Things about them. Yikes! was that ever hard, but it taught us to focus on the good instead of the bad. After 54 years, I’m still having to be reminded about saying ten nice things.
  3. Energy – I believe I have taught myself to not be concerned so much about actual weight and start working on getting more exercise and more rest. I did increase the number of steps taken per day and we were finally able to acquire a exercise bike appropriate for my issues. As far as rest, I have set a time to try to get to bed regardless of what else is happening in the house. Also, learning to rest in the afternoon when needed.
  4. SpiritualLess of me – More of Christ .. Learning this has been a daily challenge. I have started my days with lots of time with God so that whatever happens to the proverbial cup, that it is Christ that spills out and not anger or selfishness or entitlement. You know, when you work on “Being Still” before God, the “cup” is not being jostled, but rather the “cup overflows” with Christ. I hope that is what others have seen in me this year. More of Him .. Less of me.
  5. Stuff – Good grief, have we ever gotten rid of STUFF this year. We moved from the large 4 bedroom – 2 story home into a 3 bedroom town home. We had a big yard sale, and we gave away tons of items to various thrift shops and friends who needed items, we gave away and/or sold precious items such as my piano. But even still we had to rent a medium sized storage unit to store things that did not fit in our home. We’ll soon be giving and selling very soon. The thing is, we are amazed that we didn’t really need that stuff. It seems that the more space you have the more stuff you collect.

While I could probably stick with this word again for 2016, I have a new vision that God is showing me. Stick around, I’ll be sharing that soon. I am thinking about doing a 20 day post challenge on it.

Learning to be content;

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