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It's Friday

it's friday donald duck


Hi friends. Thought I would just give a little recap of the week, in case you missed something ….

  1. We started a new month this week. Can you believe it’s December already? As Donald Duck would say, “Good grief!”. I linked up with  Emily P. Freeman on her “What I Learned Last Month” Challenge. You can find my post on her sight. I think I am number 58, just  look for the blank picture, somehow mine didn’t upload. Read some other postings while you are there and consider doing it yourself next month for “What I Learned in 2015”. You can also read my post here at Leaving a Legacy.
  2. On Thursday, I posted my Throwback Thursday at my Raised in a Barn Blog. I am posting favorite recipes from the farm all this month. I hoping that if you are my cousin, you will share a recipe with me. Thanks.
  3. Looking to next week, I will be a guest writer for Anita Strawn de Ojeda at Blessed but Stressed. This is an awesome caregivers site. I’m writing a tribute to my daughter on “Inspire me Monday”.
  4. For my Prayer Warriors, I continue to update more specifics you can pray with us about. Go to the menu for access. This is a passworded page, if you desire to be my prayer warrior just shoot me a message and I’ll share with you privately.


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