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what i learned in october

What I LearnedI’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman with her monthly link-up to help us look back and think about what we have learned over the past month. This is my first attempt at this but I think it will be a good thing and will help me become a little more aware of my life in the future. So let’s  try this out!

What I learned in October ….

  1. As Christians, we should all be “Little Christs”. This first came to my mind from a video lesson “A Kingdom of Priests” by Ray Vander Laan  in his series, That the World May Know.  He shared that those of us that are already saved, should be showing Christ to others by living the way Christ would live. I was very impressed by the thought at the time. But amazingly this theme has continued to be brought to mind all month long. I pray that I  am being the mirror of Christ for others.
  2. Zip Your Lips – When you are under fire, the wisest thing we can do is to keep our mouths shut. Even when we think of the perfect zinger, refrain from saying it. {refer to #1} My daughter always refers to the scripture “Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent..  Proverbs 17:28
  3. I CAN write a Blog post every day of the month. I’ve been piddling with blogging for years now. I excused myself because I was “too busy” with homeschooling”. Well.. my daughter graduated in May…..  I learned about the Write 31 Days Challenge at the end of September and I decided it was time to get busy. After all, I had plenty to talk about with my Journey with Chronic Pain. So, I signed up and here we are a month later and I have 32 posts completed. I’ve learned a lot and I am challenged to keep it up. Not only did I post on the new challenge, but I continued to post weekly on my “Raised in a Barn” page.

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