My Home School Experience

Throwback Thursday

It was a very special day, when we presented Mikaela to be dedicated to the Lord. She was 4 months old at the time. Michael being the pastor, we waited for a time that our District Superintendent, Dr. Fred Huff could be there. It was a beautiful service, but I have no pictures. 🙁

You see, we had been video taping her every month (beginning with her first ultrasound). At about 9 months, my brother and his family (with their new baby girl) came to visit. We pulled out the video tape and recorded the two girls together. The next month, we realized that we had recorded over her ultrasound and the first few months of her life, including her dedication. boo hoo!

What is really sad is that our teenage son, Brian, had sung that day. I knew that I couldn’t hold it together to sing, so Brian sang for her. It was Ray Boltz’ song “Another Child to Hold”.


In case you aren’t familiar with the song …