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Prayer Changes Things!

Prayer Changes Things

I would love to tell a story about how prayer changes things. In 1991, my husband and I were ministering in Savannah. Our church had a ladies prayer group that met once a week for prayer (obviously). One week, I was in charge and I suggested that we go from room to room, and then pew to pew and begin to pray specifically for the people that would be in that room or pew or whatever. That practice became a norm for us, but let me tell you a story that came from that.

First, a Meeting for Prayer

That first day, we did go from room to room, praying for the teachers and the students, the choir members, the musicians, the pastor, and those in the pews. As we traveled around the church, we came to the nursery. Our nursery was empty. I mean on Sundays, it was empty. No babies. We decided that we would ask the Lord to bless the church with babies; to show us how prayer changes things. We prayed this every week and before you know it, we began hearing that this couple was expecting and then that couple.

Then Prayers Being Answered

The first one to make an announcement (as they stood there in disbelief) was our Associate Pastor and wife, then not much longer afterward our organist announced they were expecting a baby. That year we had 6 new babies including the music director AND the pastor’s wife, ME! That’s when my husband told the ladies that they should stop praying for babies!

Yes! Prayer changes things. So many beautiful babies! You can see their pictures above. They are all turning 18 now, just graduating from high school or graduating next spring. We’re all spread around the country now, but all these children are becoming wonderful adults.

Finally, My Own Answer to Prayer

Our daughter, Mikaela just turned 18 a week ago. She’ll be graduating from high school this spring. She has been such a blessing to us. Every step along the way she has brought us joy. There was the joy of a daughter after 3 boys. There’s the joy of laughter from her dry humor, the joy of music through violin, guitar, and singing. She is now leading worship for the youth and helping out on Sunday night in worship. And then, there’s the joy of love and care as she has stepped in selflessly the past three years while I struggle with chronic pain. I thank God every day for blessings that come “late”!


It is now 2018, Our Joy of Life got married this year after several years of waiting and praying for God’s plan to come to fruition.

Mandy Farmer


Mikaela (21) & Ethan


Mikaela at 18