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Jesus came so that ….

so that


For God so loved the world

that he gave His one and only Son;

that whoever believes in Him

shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

This verse has become so familiar to us that most of the time we no longer even think about it. But oh, we could live on this verse alone! Our ladies’ Bible study at church is studying from Wendy Blythe’s book “Living So That“. And it has already in one chapter brought so much to light. We have basked in God’s grace this week. I am just praising God anew for His grace and singing those precious songs, like “Redeemed, How I love to Proclaim It!”

I had finished up the study, so I decided to break down this verse by phrase and pull out the verb. Here are some of the thoughts that came to mind.


 God loves us so much. We cannot even comprehend the kind of love He has for us. If we were in His shoes, we would have given up on mankind long ago. He doesn’t love us ‘because’ of anything; he loves us “in spite of” our sinfulness. Wow! That in itself should cause us to love Him in return. But we love ourselves too much.


Can you imagine this kind of give? I’m not sure any of us have REALLY sacrificed anything to this point. I know I can’t imagine giving up a son or daughter… not even a niece or nephew. Wow!


Where is your faith? How much faith do you really have? When you pray, do you really believe that your prayers will be answered? Our faith needs to be more than a “sure, I believe in Jesus” kind of faith. Think of all the times the Jesus said, “Because of your faith …” We should be praying the scriptures and claiming the answers. NOT just our prayers though, do we live like we really believe? Do others see our faith?


I’m reminded of the movie. “Second Hand Lions”. At the end of the movie, the nephew said, “Yes, they REALLY lived.” They had an amazing life. They live it to the full that’s the kind of life God offers us. John 10:10 says I have come to give them live and to have it to the full”. We don’t have to wait until we’re in heaven for that life. We can have it now. If we truly believe in Him and live a life consistent with His teaching, our earthly life will be full. That is not to say, everything will be wonderful and nothing will go wrong; but it does mean that our heart and soul will be full of that life regardless of what the world is throwing at us.


Well, that is a few thoughts that came to mind as I dug deep into John 3:16. What can you add to my thoughts?

I challenge you to take a verse that you are reading and delve deep into it. You might be surprised what the Lord will tell you.

signed Mandy