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Choosing Forgiveness

I don’t remember what she did, nor do I remember what I did to retaliate. I do remember that I was the one who got caught. My mother insisted that I apologize to my sister and my reply was “I am NOT sorry”. Well, that day went down in infamy. It was one of the few times in my childhood that I receive a lashing. Though I felt that I was the one who was wronged, I was still the one who lost out in the end.

And this is how it happens in our lives, when we don’t forgive. The only one that loses out is ourselves. Think of what happens when we don’t forgive. Hatred and distrust fills the atmosphere. Lifelong friendships can be broken forever. Even others are fearful of building a friendship in fear of ever saying something wrong. Some say it can even cause health problems, like ulcers and even cancer.

Un-forgiveness leaves a place for Satan to get a foothold in our lives and before you know it. Bitterness and strife have grown into an uncontrollable situation. And Satan has won and we are defeated.

Hebrews 12:14-15 encourages us to do our best to live at peace with everyone. Our holy lives will draw others to Christ. but our bitterness will cause others to miss out on the wonderful blessings of God.

We must have the mind of Christ. We must forgive, no matter what the offense. That is what Jesus did for us. he forgave before we ever even thought to ask forgiveness. He forgave those who treated Him so terribly that day at Calvary. Could there be a worse offense then the torture he received even though He was perfectly innocent? And yet, He spoke those beautiful words, “Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

And, oh the freedom and the peace that is gives for you AND everyone around.

My advice .. Just Forgive and leave it at the feet of Jesus!







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By Wendy Blight