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Every Step of the Way

Mrs. Charles Cowman, Streams in the Desert

The road is too rough,’ I said; ‘It is uphill all the way; 

No flowers, but thorns instead;

And the skies over head are grey.’

But One took my hand at the entrance dim,

And sweet is the road that I walk with Him.

 “The cross is too great,’ I cried–

‘More than the back can bear,

So rough and heavy and wide,

And nobody by to care.’

And One stooped softly and touched my hand:

‘I know. I care. And I understand.’

“Then why do we fret and sigh;

Cross-bearers all we go:

But the road ends by-and-by

In the dearest place we know,

And every step in the journey we

May take in the Lord’s own company.

It’s not that we will never face things we cannot bare, but rather that Jesus is there every step of the way to handle it for us. Thank you, Lord for bearing our burdens.

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