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Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

This is a challenge from Facebook. I am to write 10 things about myself; so here we go …

  1. I was born and raised on a dairy farm. As a child and young adult, I could have been the Dairy Poster Child because I talked about the farm all the time. Just ask my college friends.
  2. I love anything dairy … milk, cheese, ice cream. I could live on only these!
  3. I once lost 40 pounds, drinking mostly chocolate milk. I drank it with chocolate because pasteurized milk has an after taste. Oh how I would love a tall glass of whole raw milk!
  4. I love animals, but not as pets. They must have a “purpose” like rounding up cattle or catching mice or leading the blind.
  5. I used to sit out in the barn with my 4-H cow and talk with her about whatever was on my mind. Good therapy!
  6. I love music. I used to sing at the top of my lungs while I did my barn chores. I would come in from chores and folks would thank me for the concert. I could live without the internet or TVs if I can listen to music. Actually, I didn’t have a TV as an adult until I married.
  7. I love babies and children. Once some friends came to visit our farm. They had four small children and their mom was worn thin handling them all. I took them one by one and rocked them to sleep. I’ve always wanted a passel of children. So I count all the kids I’ve ever had in children’s ministry and piano lessons as mine!
  8. Speaking of piano, I used to spend hours playing the piano. Good therapy!
  9. Ironically, I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science! But machines and I do not get along. I have all kinds of issues with machines from a copier to my computer. They just do not cooperate with me.
  10. My husband and I met through a match-maker. Well, it was my pastor’s wife (Charlotte) who knew us both. Michael had lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. Charlotte decided that he needed a wife and I was it! She bugged me for  5 months to go with her to Georgia and meet Michael. Anytime, I spoke of a date, she would reply “You haven’t met Michael yet.” I finally, went with her to meet him so that she would quit bothering me about it. She did 🙂  ….. four months later, Michael and I were married!
  11. An extra one cause I can’t leave this out …. My dad always thought we girls should marry the neighbor boys so that we could consolidate the farms into one big farm. I always said that I would NOT marry a farmer. Then there were those who thought I would make a good pastor’s wife since I am musically inclined. I said that I would NOT marry a pastor. …. I married Pastor Farmer!


Mandy Farmer  One Year Old
Mandy Farmer
One Year Old

How much did you know already?

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