My Spiritual Walk

A Dozen Answers to Prayers

Just have to share about our weekend and the wonderful services we had yesterday. I apologize if you already know some of this, but need to get those who are just joining me up to speed.

As we approached the weekend, here was the synopsis ….

  1. Friday was my birthday. No big deal really other than my parents arrived for a short visit. They were making their rounds to visit family heading to Texas for the winter.
  2. The church had a fall festival planned for Saturday evening. We were a bit discouraged because several of our church family were out-of-town. So it seemed the festival would not be as big of an event as usual.
  3. Included in those out-of-town were our music director and his family. Worship would be led by a young man, Brian T., who has recently re-dedicated his life to the Lord and accepted the call to ministry. I would be playing the piano though I am out of practice.
  4. We received a note from our sound man that he was sick and would not be in church Sunday.
  5. My husband, Michael, was working diligently on two sermons. He is worn and weary just from having the added stress of my illness.
  6. Brian, our adult son who pastors in a nearby town, was headed a few hours away for the Sunday School “Improve Your Serve” conference which he helps with. He had stopped through here to see us and have his car serviced and four new tires made available by his congregation’s pastor appreciation offering.

What Happened?

  • Our son Brian was involved in a car accident coming home. On I-75, a vehicle in front of him had a blow out in a construction zone, with nowhere to go they were in and out of the lane. Brian was able to get stopped, but the Ford 350 with a race car trailer behind did not get stopped.   Michael had to stop and drive 1 1/2 hour to ‘rescue’ him.

God’s Blessings

  1. No injuries other than the vehicles. PTL!
  2. Since Brian’s congregation was already prepared to worship Sunday without him, and since Brian’s car was torn up, Brian spent the night with us. He offered to sing the special in the morning. He has an awesome voice, the people here love to hear him sing, but due to him having his own church, they seldom get to hear him. He sang a beautiful song about how God takes us through trials.. the long way home.
  3. Brian T.’s parents (also ministers) were in town visiting. His father offered to preach for Michael in the morning service. This was a welcome and needed break for my husband.
  4. Brian T. did an excellent job leading us in worship all about the Grace of God. This was the first his father had been with him since Brian’s re-dedication and the first to experience his leading in worship. The Spirit of God was definitely a part of that worship.
  5. Rev. T’s spoke about the “Fragrance of Worship” using the story of Mary Anointing the feet of Jesus. What a beautiful way to top off the morning.
  6. During the morning worship, the children’s director shared that we had 5 new children in Sunday School who had come to our fall festival! That is the whole reason behind doing the festival.
  7. For the evening service, our son, Brett, (video tech guy for the church), stepped up to the plate and arranged for someone to run sound and then set up the music for the evening worship.
  8. Our teenage daughter, Mikaela led worship with her guitar. (She’s been doing this for the youth group for quite some time and has just begun on Sunday evenings leading in one song) This was her first time leading it all. She did a beautiful job too! She accompanied our son, Brian in an additional song.
  9. Brett sang “My Tribute”. Excellent job as well.  (Gee, I hope I’m not sounding boastful here. My children are talented and they given it all to the Lord. I wish I had video to prove it!)
  10. I was the one originally scheduled to sing for the evening service. The Lord helped me get to the platform and sing a new song for me, “When He Spoke”.
  11. Michael continued his sermon series on Joshua. Specifically, “The Capture of AI”. Lesson learned: 1) ALWAYS consult God before taking action. 2) NEVER,NEVER under-estimate the enemy. 3) DON’T MAKE A MOVE until you hear from God.
  12. This may all sound like a “Farmer Family Night”, but my parents were so excited to have opportunity to see & hear all of us using our talents for the Lord. They only get to see us once a year.

Continue to pray

  • For the best results for Brian’s car; insurance coverage, repairs, rental car, financial issues impacted by this accident.
  • Refreshment, endurance, strength, inspiration, … whatever is needed for my husband as he cares for me and his ‘flock’