My Spiritual Walk

Boundless Love

Psalm 36

How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!
People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

This week’s memory verse has been blessing me over and over again this week. In our Bible Study, we were encouraged to try verse mapping. I had heard of it before, but had not really put it into use in my times of study. I tried it this week and I have been abundantly blessed in doing so. The Lord keeps giving me more scriptures and more songs to help me dwell on this verse. Here’s my map and the personal interpretation I came up with ….

PRICELESS – means extremely valuable have value beyond price; costly because of quality.

UNFAILING – never-changing or becoming weaker even in difficult times; always providing enough of what is needed.

REFUGE – a shelter or protection from danger or trouble

SHADOW – shelter for danger ; an inseparable companion (I was reminded here of the child that follows you around, right on your heals. You can’t turn around without bumping into him Wow!)

(MPT / Mandy’s Personal Translation)

“I cannot put a price on your never-changing, never weakening love for me, oh God!

Even in difficult times You always provide enough of what I need.

You are my Constant Companion.”

When I wrote out the words constant companion, I remembered a song from college days (a long time ago) by Farrell & Farrell called “Fair Companion”. I couldn’t find the song on video or mp3. (My copy is on a cassette tape!), here are the lyrics though …

O, Jesus fair companion, A light unto my way
I’ll follow with abandon, Until we’re face-to-face

Long is the journey and dark is the way
Yet your words are a lamp unto my feet
Whispered directions so clear is your voice
Precious Savior, I’ll walk where you lead

So sacred a marriage a union so strong
You have pledged me the wisdom of your heart
Sweetest Redeemer, my Close Confidante
You’re the reason I press toward the mark

Behold, he stands at the door And he knocks
If any man hear his voice and will let him in
He promises to come into his house
And sup with him
And he will stay with him
And never to forsake him
He will never leave him
He will keep him to the end

In my search I did find this Farrell & Farrell song that is even better! Hope you enjoy it!

“Boundless Love”