My Spiritual Walk

Been There, Done that, Loved it!

I’ve never been one that liked doing things like a BIble study online. I am so social and I want to be there face to face. HOWEVER, I’ve been fighting chronic pain for two years now and just not able to get myself anywhere to fellowship. I did start a Ladies’ BIble study that comes to my house twice a month. But I was really wanting more. More challenge. More of God.

In August, I saw the opportunity to try an online Bible Study through Proverbs 31. The study was When Women Say Yes to God. It took me a while to get the hang of it all, but I did it and found it all to be just what I needed. I was challenged to study more. I was challenge to start a new blog and share the things I am learning.

Proverbs 31 is starting a new study this week and I hope you will consider joining in. THe book is “A Confident Heart”. I see so many struggling with confidence in themselves for what ever reason maybe their past is pulling them down, maybe they struggle with depression, who knows. I do know that Satan is hard at work trying to defeat women and this may be the tool to help us up and out. GIve it a try.

The study starts tomorrow, but don’t worry they provide the first two chapters so that you have time to purchase the book. I bought mine and downloaded it on my Kindle.

Go to and sign up today. Hope to see you there!


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