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Memories from the Seat of a Rambler

“I love the Mountains” click on the link below to hear the song.

Memories from the Seat of a Ramble

I was sitting out on the porch enjoying God’s creation and this song popped in to my head. I was immediately swept back to my childhood days. There were six children in our family. Back then there were no SUVs or mini-vans and we didn’t have hand held videos games or TVs in our vehicles. We just had each other.. eight of us squeezed into one car. You can imagine all the “he touched me” s and “Tell her to move over”s. Whenever we had a long trip, one of the ways Mom kept us from pulling out each other’s hair was to sing with us. This was one of those songs.

It dawned on me as I reminisced that I should be blogging. So here are a few memories I have in the car growing up…

1) VBS – Our mother was the VBS director all the years I can remember. Our friends went to other churches, so we spent the summer church hopping from one VBS to another. This was back in the day before seatbelt laws. SO we packed as many kids as we could in one car. We were in there like sardines. But oh the fun we had!

2) Going to Church – I remember one Sunday when we had a particularly large snow storm the night before. The only vehicle we had that could make the trip to church was the pick up truck, So, all eight of us piled into the pickup and off we went to church! We got alot of laughs as we fell out of the truck like clowns at a circus when we arrived at church. But I seem to recall it was that truck that was pulling all the cars out of the snow after church. In today’s day, a family would stay home from church on a snowy day like that, but our parents felt that attending church was highly important and this is one way that they lived what they believed in front of us. What would they have taught us has we stayed home from church that day?

3) Kids today, probably don’t even know what a station wagon is. It was the largest of family vehicles. It had two benches of seats and the back could be used for cargo or one could open the latch and find more seats! Our first such vehicles had seats the faced the rear. Seems kinds cool until you find out that riding backwards can make one nauseous! There wasn’t too much singing of “I love the Mountains, I love the rolling hills” then! It became a fight each time about whose turns it was to ride in the back. Thankfully, the car companies figured that out and began having the seats open to face each other. We didn’t make to many long trips, due to having cows to milk, but the new seat arrangement sure did help with those rides.

4) While I was in middle school, we packed up the farm and moved to Wisconsin. Most of the trips we made those days were back to Ohio to visit family. Mom would pack a cooler with food and drinks. We hit the road and stopped only for gas and bathroom breaks. Now my brother, Alex was the crazy one. He was always joking around. On one of the early trips, the rest stops were quite quaint. I’m saying sometimes, there were only outhouses to use! One particular rest stop had a path out to the “restroom facilities”. At the start of the path, was a small stand, where you could sign your name and where you were traveling to and from. Alex (probably 9 or 10) came up to the ‘registration’ stand and began dancing about like he really needed to use the bathroom. “What’s the problem?”, we asked. “I don’t have a pencil” was his reply. 🙂

Well, I’m sure there were many, many more memorable stories that could be told. But not long after our move to Wisconsin, they came out with a mini-van. It was a much more comfortable ride to say the least. And it was easy to find your car in a parking lot since no one else had one yet.

I’m sure my siblings have more memories from their seat int eh rambler. I hope they will share them in the comments below! Even if you are not my sibling, you might have a story or two to tell too. I’d love to hear them.

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  1. I was just thinking of Alex’s little dance just the other day when I passed a roadside rest area! I remember those trips! Once when we were a little older and I was taking a turn driving – it was nighttime, most everybody was asleep and I was listening to the radio. A current top 40 song came on that began with a siren and Dad jolted up in his seat thinking we were being pulled over by the cops!!
    I also remember countless trips to visit cousins in Ohio and the hilly roads we travelled. i think everybody got sick at some point or another!

    1. Oh yes, I remember the trips to southeast Ohio. Maybe Mom had us sing “i Love the Mountains” as reverse psychology thinking we wouldn’t get sick! I guess it didn’t work. :{

  2. I remember we had a 76 Mercury. Like you said, seatbelt laws weren’t as strict when I was a kid. I barely remember it because I was so young BUT I road in the back window! LOL I was small enough to fit so I’d lay down in the window (what ever it’s called) and sleep while my older brother and sister battled out who was stealing who’d leg room.

  3. We had neighbors that had 6 kids, they took 2 cars everywhere they went, and sometimes one even got left behind 🙂 My cousins rode all over the southeast in a station wagon (there were 6 in their family), no seatbeats. Good memories! I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that song. It’s great!

    1. We nearly left our youngest brother once. He was all dressed and ready for church. Mom placed him in his bouncy chair while the rest of of got ready for church. We all rushed out to the church and as we were about to leave, we realized that we did not have the baby!

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