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What's in a Name?

A good name is more desirable than great riches;
to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

Psalms 22:1

Some stories about my name ….

My father wanted to have three girls named, Kandy, Mandy, and Sandy. He got the three girls, but shortly after I was born, my Uncle George married a Sandy. So when my little sister came along, our mom finally got the chance to name a girl what she liked .. Marcella.

I was named Lynne Amanda, but only my mother ever called me Lynne. Dad (and everyone else) called me Mandy. They had considered naming me Amanda Lynne at the start, but it sounded like an instrument (mandolin). So when I started school, my mother gave in and had my name legally changed. She didn’t want the confusion of me going by a nickname of my middle name. Thus I’ve been an instrument ever since! Amanda Lynne. Interestingly, my Christmas stocking has my first, first name. LYNNE!

My grandmother would always introduce me as her namesake. I finally asked once why she would say that. Her name was Leona. It was then that I learned her name was Amanda Leona and her twin brother was Samuel Leo. Their father’s name was Samuel and their grandmother was Amanda. Anyway, my mother also told me that Grandma didn’t really like the name.  Mom said that when I was first born. Grandma would tell her friends about her new granddaughter, Amanda Lynne. Folks would say, that’s pretty where did they get that name? Grandma would reply that she didn’t know! As time passed she was very proud that I was named after her!

 I was always proud of the fact that I was named after my two grandmothers. My name was not one of the popular names of my day and I always enjoyed that if you mentioned “Mandy”, there was only one person you could be talking about. I loved that I could sign only my first name and there was no question that it was me. But somewhere in my teens Amanda became a very popular name and suddenly there was an Amanda everywhere you turned!

Amanda means “Worthy of Love”.They tell me I was always a very loving child. I know that I have always been a hugger. Dad says that I taught him to be a hugger. He is definitely a hugger now. He loves giving bear hugs that just about take your breath away. I do know though that there were times when I struggled with self-esteem, my name was at times the thing I held on to to fight those feelings.


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  1. Thanks for dropping by! I keep telling my kids that some needs to give me a granddaughter named Amanda to keep up the tradition every other generation!

  2. Great post! We named our daughter Amanda and knew it meant “worthy of love”. It’s a beautiful name and yep it got popular.

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