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Getting a Fresh Vision

In Lisa TerKeurst’s book “When Women Say Yes to God”, she talks about Simon Peter’s calling and how we can relate it to our own calling to obedience. She lists three things that happen when we hear God calling us.

1) Our call to obedience may challenge our pride.

Pride is a tricky thing. Sometimes I think we don’t even realize that we are being prideful because it is hidden deep and even covered with “humility”. I believe that it where I was two years ago. I had found my little niche serving in the children’s department. I could make things run smoothly and I would sit “quietly” by and let people praise me. But I wasn’t really depending on God to guide and direct the things I planned for the children. Notice all those “I’s” in this paragraph? God was calling me out because He wanted me to trust in Him as I served Him. When I struggled with letting go of all the things I enjoyed doing, it was because pride had taken control. God wanted to move me into a different area of service so that the “I’s” would become “God”. So that everything we did would be all about Him! So that He would get the glory in the end.

2) God uses our experiences to equip us for our calling.

The past two years have been filled with challenges; dealing with chronic pain, learning about the stress and fatigue that is put on not only the sick but also the caregiver. God has taught me to have a heart for people. He has taught me to never judge for what you see on the outside because we really have no idea what is going on with a person on the inside, all the things they are hiding from the world. For instance, we can see a person using a handicap parking spot or an electric scooter/cart in the store. We may think they have no need to be using what a really needful person could be using. But in truth, that person may be struggling a great deal. I learned this the hard way, when people have judged me for the very same things.

3) Our obedience may inspire others to respond.

I have been given a #freshvision as God allows me to begin a new ministry with women. I’ve learned that 6 of 100 women suffer with chronic pain issues. And it is as least that many in our church. Now I am able to empathize and at times reach out to them. And as I move forward in faith, doing the things God asks me to do, these ladies are encouraged to move forward as well. It is refreshing to watch them and I am encouraged when they share with me that they have been encouraged by my actions.

Praise the Lord for a #FreshVision!