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ministry helpsThe energy is rising!

I am excited, nervous, and feel very unworthy to offer this series of ministry helps to my colleagues and especially to those coming behind me. I don’t find myself to be the “wise of all wise” in this area. But my husband and I served together in full-time pastoral ministry for 27 years. Before we married, was already serving full-time as a senior pastor for 15 years and I served as a layman, working mainly with children.

Like I said, I feel somewhat undeserving to do this but when God calls, you must answer.  I pray that over the next
month of posts, you will find something that will help you along the way. When you read, please share these posts with others that may find them helpful.

First of all, 
I am very excited about

jewel-multioffering a downloadable  “verse & a prayer” every Saturday.

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If you sign up for the newsletter, this will come into your mailbox every Saturday afternoon. It will be entitled “It’s Sunday! Are You Ready to Rumble”. This will be based on the fact that we “do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but principalities …” and thus, we must come into worship ready for spiritual warfare. I hope that these quick downloadable prayers will help you be more focused and prepared for worship at church on Sunday.

Additionally, Daily Nuggets of Information ….

jewel-auqaWhile the majority of my writing will be for the minister and wife, I plan to throw in some helps for all the different departments as well. I have solicited some help with guest writers to cover areas that are not my expertise. Some “Nuggets” will be just that. A simple idea that you might implement in your ministry. Others posts will be “advise” for those who have been there done that.  Things learned or wish we knew 30 years ago!

Take it all with a grain of salt. Use what you can. Leave comments with ideas that you have on the topics. This is meant to be a “come alongside our friends” type of series so that we can “Pay it Forward” in a sense. I look forward to sharing with you AND hearing from you. See you Saturday!

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Schedule of Nuggets

nuggetsYou can come to this page, to see what has been posted.

As I write, I will add links to these Titles.

  1. Sunday Newsletters by Subscription only
  2. What My Pastor’s Wife Taught Me About Being a Pastor’s Wife
  3. Hurricane Preparedness for Ministry
  4. a Year’s Worth of Bulletin Boards
  5. When You’re Dreams are Thrown into the Pits
  6. Getting on a Budget and Staying There
  7. Self Care ~ The First Step to Avoid Burn-Out
  8. Helping Our Children Survive Growing Up in a Parsonage
  9. Prayer Ministry & Outreach
  10. 4 Simple Ways to Get Those Notes in the Mail
  11. Ladies’ Events – A Special Program Giveaway
  12. Perils of a Pastors Wife – Book Review
  13. When Your Circumstances Cast Your Into a Horrible Pit
  14. Building Friendship in and Out of the Church
  15. Guest Writer : Reaching out to Caregivers
  16. Guest Writer : Awesome Idea for Teen Girls
  17. Guest Post:Great Advice for the Pastor and his Family
  18. How to Love Your Pastor All Year Long
  19. UNAPPRECIATED ~ Three Actions to Change Your Own Heart
  20. The Parable of the Lost Shepherd
  21. Book Review : Simply Tuesday
  22. 5 Important Aspects of Pastoral Self-Care
  23. Book Review : The Tiniest Tree


coming soon!

  1. Guest Post : What I Wish  My Church/Pastor Knew about Special Needs Families
  2. Top Ten Must Read Books for Ministry
  3. Living in Glass Houses
  4. Church Board : TBA
  5. Preparing for Retirement
  6. How to Build a Jeopardy Game for Bible Quiz Review
  7. Ideas for Children’s Ministries / Teen Ministries / Men / Women / Singles

??   Anything else we need to cover? Leave a comment.

Well, I hope that this will be a great journey together. Please come along beside me. Like I say, I don’t know everything, so you may be able to throw in some good stuff too. Sign up today!

Paying it Forward!

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